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10 Team Activities to Connect During COVID

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Activities for Team Success

  1. Invite your team to suggest ideas: This means they will feel responsible and not just having something imposed on them. It will also give them a sense of ownership and inclusivity.
  2. Connect during virtual breaks: Initially arrange one tea break per week, where all the team stop for a cup of team and talk about all things not work. Then ask the team if they liked it and if the team would like to increase this to events.
  3. Invite your team to think about a theme each week to discuss: Make it short and sweet, such as what book or article did you read that was interesting? What did you have for dinner
  4. Learn to celebrate each other: Encourage the team to nominate one person to celebrate each week this can encourage positivity and increase productivity.
  5. Getting to know your team: Introduce a fun fact game where each team member shares a fun fact about themselves.
  6. Competitions: During breaks introduce a fun task. For example, ask your team to find the brightest object they can and present after the break. Additional examples include the funniest t shirt, the biggest plant in the house or the biggest mug.
  7. Common interests: Encourage groups with common interests or people that would like to discuss topical subjects, such as horticulture, watching films, baking, music etc.
  8. Team Challenge: Create a challenge where the team can vote for the best challenge, dancing challenge, pulling a funny face, the most interesting drawing or the best word for the day challenge (keep it clean).
  9. Virtual Workout: Discover the online workshops and training available online such as yoga and meditation and invite your team to try them out together, then discuss the health benefits at meetings.
  10. A fun activity: Invite your team to complete the Myers- Briggs personality indicator to discover their personality type – here

What activities do you use to support your team and stay connected? This is a starting point to co-create activities with your team.


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